Maura Daniel Spotlight - Light Your World! January 15 2013

"I truly enjoy the playfulness in some of their lights (like #7) and I then instantly fall in love with the sophistication (#3) with another. That just proves to me that their products are very versatile! I assure you that whatever you're looking for, they will definitely provide you with the style you want."

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Maura Daniel Lighting: Timeless & Gorgeous March 17 2010

"When you walk into a room, the first thing you do is turn on the light – but have you really thought about how effective lighting can be in changing the mood of the home you and your family live in? Maura Daniel offers lighting solutions that are whimsical, formal, or practical, all while being well-designed."

"People tend to forget how much of an effect lighting can have on our experience of a room, so looking at changing the mood and feel of your home through a change in your lighting fixtures can be an effective (and comparatively inexpensive) way to redecorate."

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Customized Nursery or Playroom Lighting That Makes a Statement! March 18 2009

"I am always on the lookout for cool modern nursery or playroom decor.  You know what I am talking about, designs that are kid friendly and whimsical but not babyish or too cutesy.  Something that can really help spruce up a room is funky lighting.  I searched for months and finally came across the fabulous designs from Maura Daniel."

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Maura Daniel Lighting Collection for children January 02 2009

"Maura Daniel has designed a collection of extraordinary lighting especially for children. The designs are quite bold and daring and at the same time classy and elegant."

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Maura Daniel Lighting for the Extraordinary Tot Room December 24 2008

"A black chandelier for a tot’s room may not seem like the obvious choice but it is fun and fabulous! If you are choosing a super girly girly room, like the vintage country chic look that Serena & Lily shows in their book, Nursey Style, it would be the perfect accent to give the room some depth and longevity – it takes it from pastel baby central to a sophisticated room girls of any age will appreciate."

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Maura Daniel Lighting Lets the Consumer Design Their Own Lamps with New Interactive Website April 02 2008

"Couture lighting company, Maura Daniel, Inc., introduces a line of new lighting fixtures for 2008, and the launch of an interactive website...which allows the consumer to custom design and build their own lamps online. Their yearly catalog has only been available to select designers and specialty retailers in the past. Now consumers can go to the website and purchase directly from the Maura Daniel studio....

With nearly a decade of expertise in the couture lighting industry, Maura Daniel has established a reputation as a leading provider for must-have illumination by designers, retailers, and select décor press. Many of their lighting fixtures over the years have been found in celebrity homes and featured in numerous publications.

'We have several new designs being unveiled this year, including one that will literally have customers seeing stars when they turn on the lights in their home,' states Daniel Cytrynowicz, creator and owner of Maura Daniel. 'At our company, our lighting products are an artistic reflection of what we want in illumination for own homes, and we are grateful that so many others have appreciated and shared our vision, too.'"

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Maura Daniel {lighting} January 16 2008

"I have a ton of bookmarks and a database filled with product and so today I’d like to share with you... Maura Daniel, a site that allows you to customize your lighting according to base and shade (love this) and the prices for what you are getting are very good."

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Maura Daniel Announces Launch of One-of-a-Kind Couture Lighting Design January 01 2008

Maura Daniel Announces Launch of One-of-a-Kind Couture Lighting Design (2008 Press Release)

Please email or call 323.753.7878 for more information.

Maura Daniel Lighting February 07 2007

"Maura Daniel Couture Lighting is actually, Maura and Daniel, a very creative husband and wife team based in Los Angeles. Their designs are exuberantly feminine and full of details like crystals, beads and silk flowers. The designs seem perfect for a romantic Victorian home or a young girl's room.They are available as chandeliers, sconces, lamps and pendants."

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