Creating Inspirational Illumination

Creating Inspirational Illumination: The Story of Maura Daniel

Failing to locate that "perfect lamp" for their young daughter's bedroom, that would balance function with artistic flair, the husband and wife team of Maura Daniel, took matters into their own hands - literally. The creative couple, artists in their own right, were surprised by the lack of design and craftsmanship the lighting industry had to offer.

This motivated and inspired the team to do something about it themselves. In 1999, Maura Daniel Lighting Couture was introduced. Recognizing that there was a need for couture lighting with style, the company quickly established itself as a solid source for this market by designing fixtures that make a statement.

Since its inception Maura Daniel has provided truly unique illumination for both residential and commercial use. Maura Daniel's reputation is built upon customer satisfaction and unique designs for residential and commercial use. The family-owned company takes pride in every hand-made piece they manufacture and finish in-house in their Los Angeles studio.

Maura Daniel has steadily grown over the years and continues to broaden the artistic lighting landscape with several revolutionary options. More than ever you will be able to customize our lighting by choosing among several colors, finishes, and different crystal accent colors.

Maura Daniel has something inspirational in illumination for everyone and will continue to create new lighting products for the consumer.